Guidelines for Abstract / Artist's Statements

There are four types of presentations:

Each type of presentation requires the submission of an abstract or an artist's statement through the online submission form.

Please provide the following information:

  • Title of presentation
  • Presenter name(s), separated by commas
  • Faculty sponsor
  • Text of statement

Your faculty sponsor must read and approve your abstract or artist's statement before it is submitted.

Suggestions concerning abstract / artist's statement content:

  • Researchers / scholars should state the specific objectives of the paper / poster to be presented and a brief summary.
  • Artistic performers and exhibitors should briefly describe the nature of the work to be performed or showcased.
  • Additional content within the space limited may include the scope, purpose, methodology, results, thesis, background, conclusions, and potential further study.

Once you have completed your abstract / artist's statement and your faculty sponsor has approved it, continue to the online submission form.