Faculty Sponsor Role and Responsibilities

Thank you for considering being a faculty sponsor for the Research and Performance Showcase. We are grateful to you for your work with students and support of their presentations at the Showcase. In our continued efforts to have a high quality event, we offer the following guidelines to help sponsors understand their role.


Each student participating in the Showcase must have a faculty sponsor. The sponsor is typically the faculty member who has supervised the project.


The Showcase Committee relies heavily on the faculty sponsors to be the “referees” for the Showcase. We ask you to please consider the quality of the projects before recommending or requiring students to present at the Showcase. As your name will be included with the abstracts, you should read, edit, and approve all abstracts before students submit them. The length of the abstract is confined to the size of the abstract template. Please do not submit the abstract(s) on behalf of your students. If you receive notice of an abstract submitted without your approval, please contact the Showcase Committee.


You should continue to give students guidance in preparing their presentations, whether they be oral, poster, artwork, or performance.

For plotter posters only: The large plotter at the library is available for use by faculty and students by appointment only.


Please come to the Showcase and support all of the students and their efforts!

Thank you again for your continued support. We look forward to another successful year!