Guidelines for Oral Presentations

Oral presentations will be 12 minutes which includes time for questions and answers.

If your presentation is part of a panel discussion with multiple participants, you will be allotted 12 minutes per panel participant. Abstracts for panel discussions may be submitted in one of the two following ways:

  1. If each panel participant has a separate topic/abstract, then they should submit separately. Please indicate in the Special Needs section of the submission form in which panel discussion you are a participant.

  2. If the panel discussion has only one abstract, then submit one abstract with all participant names listed. Please indicate in the Special Needs section of the submission form that it is a panel.

Moderators will terminate presentations that are too long and will start each presentation on time. The presentation equipment available in each classroom will be a PC compatible computer, ceiling-mounted LCD projector, speakers and an overhead transparency projector. Also in each classroom are a DVD player and VCR. If you bring a Mac computer we have the standard Apple DVI to VGA adapter. The PC computers are equipped with USB ports and all use Microsoft Office 2010. To access the Internet, each classroom has a data port and wireless access. However, we cannot guarantee that your room will have Internet access.

Please arrive at your presentation room 10 minutes before the start of the session to check in with the moderator and facilitate setup.

Support Your Fellow Presenters!

As a presenter, you appreciate the interest others show in your work. As participants, you are expected to reciprocate by attending presentations and performances and viewing posters and art exhibits. You are encouraged to ask questions and talk with the presenters about their work.