Guidelines for Poster Presentations

Table Display

This display is suitable for students using a trifold or other means to display their poster on a table. The student is responsible for providing the trifold. Trifold Posters do not need to be printed on the large format plotter, however if you wish to print your trifold poster please use the Tri-Fold Display Board Poster Template, Blank, 48" wide 36" tall.

Bulletin Board Display

This display is suitable for posters that can be hung vertically on a board using tack pins. The maximum allowable poster size is 42" x 48". Most commonly students create large posters using the templates linked below and print them at the Library using the plotter (wide-format printer).

In order to have a large poster printed for the Research and Performance Showcase, all students/faculty are required to schedule poster printing in one of two ways:

  1. If your poster is part of an assignment in a class and all students are completing a poster, your posters will be submitted for printing by your course faculty member. You do not need to schedule an individual appointment.
  2. If your poster is an individual project (eg. capstone, independent research) you need to schedule an individual printing appointment by signing up on the appointment calendar at the Library Reference Desk after consulting with your faculty sponsor.

Questions should be directed to Peg Cook. Showcase poster printing is available Tuesday, April 24 – Friday, April 27 and Monday, April 30. Tuesday, May 1 and Wednesday, May 2 are reserved for emergency appointments only.

Plan to spend about 15 to 20 minutes printing your poster. All students/faculty must have posters completed and ready to print prior to an appointment. Those who show up for an appointment without a pre-formatted poster file will be turned away and a new appointment will have to be made. Sponsoring faculty members are encouraged but not required to accompany students. For assistance in formatting your Showcase poster, see the following links for our Showcase Poster Template:

Plotter Poster Templates and Design Tips:

Support Your Fellow Presenters!

As a presenter, you appreciate the interest others show in your work. As participants, you are expected to reciprocate by attending presentations and performances and viewing posters and art exhibits. You are encouraged to ask questions and talk with the presenters about their work.